Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.5 & Firebird 2: objects remain in use
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:44 PM 6/03/2008, you wrote:
>> >I have a problem with objects, remaining in use.
>> >IBO 4.5 Firebird 2.0
>> Not a happy combination. IBO 4.5 doesn't support the new features that
>> came with Firebird 2 and above.
>OK, I'll have this in mind. But I'm not about upgrading to newer version
>of IBO, possibly we'll migrate to UIB.
>> >I have one DB connection in application, separate transaction and querys
>> >on each form. After openning a form and openning few querys, procedures,
>> >used in those querys are in use and can not be modified (trivial). After
>> >i close the form (querys are also closed and transactions rolled back),
>> >procedures remain in use and still can not be modified.
>> >We use TDatase compatible IBO components.
>> >
>> >Why can such thing happen?
>> It is meant to happen. Once a SP or trigger is in the cache, it can't be
>> modified until all users are logged out.
>Thanks, that makes it clear.
>But it appears, that there is no such problem with firebird 1.5?

Possibly it showed itself differently.

>> >Is there a way to fix it?
>> Not broken.
>Nice to know that.
>> >Does it have affect on over all database performance?
>> Well, obviously, if you are trying to mix metadata updates with user
>> operations...
>We don't do that, it's just anoying for developpers. If it doesn't hava
>affect on end-users, it's acceptable.

Then why not use Classic for development? That way, the developer is affected only by what is in his/her own private cache. Of course, other developers won't see the effects until they have logged out and back in again...