Subject thru internet ,open 1st query must wait over 15 sec,could it been soluted?
Author Kadee

I use D7pro+IBO_4_3Aa+firebird1.5.4..., when running a LAN
everything work just fine,but I need connect to my firebird DB
thru internet now.

After I test with dbexpress,UIB ,IBO
time to open 1st query(about 50 records),

dbexpress 1.5 sec
UIB 1.3 sec
IBO over 15 sec

but after 1st query open,the 2nd query open time,
all 3 components proformace are almost the same.

I try set schemacachedir to my exe dir,but the
result is same as above.

can it be improved?

Best regard,