Subject tib_grid gridlinks
Author swalk1950
There seems to be a problem with gridlinks for a tib_grid. In the IDE,
in the object inspector for the grid when I open the grid links
property and type in a field name in the drop-down string list with a
width value (for example "seqno=width=52") and close it and then open
it up again, I still see the 52.

However, if I put the mouse over the actual grid and manually increase
the width of the column and then go back into the object inspector I
see "seqno=width=\6\2". The correct width is apparently 62.

The grid seems to work correctly, only the display of the width with
the backslashes appears to be wrong.

I am using Delphi 2005 with IBObjects 4.8.6 in Windows XP.