Subject Statement must have an IB_Connection assigned
Author luv2ski428
I have seen some other similar questions but have not been able to
resolve this issue:

Everything worked fine till I upgraded to IBO 4.7. The DB is (FB2.0).
now I get this error and cant seem to track it down:
"Statement must have an IB_Connection assigned: <no name

I have create a class for some Temporay Queries..
classes,IBODataset, DB, csintf;

TPKIBQuery = class(TIBOQuery)"

then create an SQL state as follows:
lQryMisc := TPKIBQuery.Create(nil);
lQryMisc.SQL.Add('Select a.* from AGENCY_USER a ');
lQryMisc.SQL.Add('Where a.LOGIN_NAME =:LOGIN_NAME');
lQryMisc.Params.ParamValues['LOGIN_NAME'] := aUser;

Each time I get the prepare statment i get the following error:
"Statement must have an IB_Connection assigned: <no name>"