Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuerys on internet
Author fil_software
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> At 08:35 AM 25/08/2007, you wrote:
> >Hi,
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> >I have an application with IBOQuerys, in network the application is
> >very fast, but in Internet he is very slow. That I can make to
> >the speed?
> The 2-tier client/server model is not suitable for the Internet.
> the main work of your application must be performed via the
> you should redesign it as a server-based tier that is accessed by
> browser clients.
> If you need a 2-tier client to connect only occasionally via the
> Internet, you should work very hard on the code and workflow of the
> client application you provide to this user, to make queries that
> return minimum sets of data and require as few round-trips to the
> server as possible.
> IBO has optional caching of metadata at the client side. This can
> useful for reducing the round trips for a slow connection, *IF* you
> do not change the metadata frequently. Refer to the SchemaCache
> properties of tib_connection, along with the tib_schemacache class.
> 2-tier access to databases via the Internet is not secure. Most
> people would want to implement SSH tunneling for such connections,
> provide encryption and also compression of data across the wire. A
> free product named Zebedee is often used with Firebird and
> InterBase. Artur Anjos wrote a How-to about Zebedee: see
> Helen