Subject Re: [IBO] IBOQuerys on internet
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:35 AM 25/08/2007, you wrote:

>I have an application with IBOQuerys, in network the application is
>very fast, but in Internet he is very slow. That I can make to improve
>the speed?

The 2-tier client/server model is not suitable for the Internet. If
the main work of your application must be performed via the Internet,
you should redesign it as a server-based tier that is accessed by web
browser clients.

If you need a 2-tier client to connect only occasionally via the
Internet, you should work very hard on the code and workflow of the
client application you provide to this user, to make queries that
return minimum sets of data and require as few round-trips to the
server as possible.

IBO has optional caching of metadata at the client side. This can be
useful for reducing the round trips for a slow connection, *IF* you
do not change the metadata frequently. Refer to the SchemaCache
properties of tib_connection, along with the tib_schemacache class.

2-tier access to databases via the Internet is not secure. Most
people would want to implement SSH tunneling for such connections, to
provide encryption and also compression of data across the wire. A
free product named Zebedee is often used with Firebird and
InterBase. Artur Anjos wrote a How-to about Zebedee: see