Subject IBO 4.8.5 tib_storedproc bug
Author swalk1950
I drop a tib_storedproc component on my form then select the
connection and StoredProcName (which is ppl_clock with 2 input
parameters in this example). When I double-click the component and
click on the cursor tab I see:

Execute Procedure ppl_clock_process
? ppl_clock.p_itemid,
? ppl_clock.p_user

That is correct. Then I click the OK button and exit.
However, when I double-click the component again and click on the
cursor tab I see:

Execute Procedure ppl_clock
? ppl_clock.ppl_clock.p_itemid,
? ppl_clock.ppl_clock.p_user

If I exit by clicking OK and go back in I see:

Execute Procedure ppl_clock
? ppl_clock.ppl_clock.ppl_clock.p_itemid,
? ppl_clock.ppl_clock.ppl_clock.p_user

And so on. When I run the program and the stored procedure is called
I get a "FieldName: p_itemid not found" error and the procedure does
not run. Obviously the extra ppl_clock's are wrong.

However, if I start over with a new component but exit the component
by clicking the "cancel" button, the extra "ppl_clock." is not added
and the procedure runs OK in the program. This did not happen in the
last release I was using (4.5B) and looks like a bug to me.

Using IBO 4.8.5, Delphi 2005, Interbase 7.5, WindowsXP.

Stan Walker