Subject RE: [IBO] Bug? TIB_Query.locate - AbortFetching failing
Author Jason Wharton
> I gave it a try with the correct logic :-)
> if ( FAGen = FetchingAbortedGen ) then Break
> else SysLookupNodeList

Apparently you don't understand how that works...

What happens is when going into processing the locate I copy the value of
the FetchingAbortGen variable. As long as someone doesn't abort fetching
then that value will remain consistent. As soon as someone aborts the query
then this sequence is increased and that will indicate the query was aborted
and that execution should be discontinued.

You should have the code like this:

if ( FAGen <> FetchingAbortedGen ) then Break
else SysLookupNodeList;

Please fix it and let me know if that solves your original problem.

Jason Wharton