Subject RE: [IBO] OnDataChange and refreshing data in query linked with KeySource
Author Jason Wharton

> When I'm scrolling main DataSet (e.g. query1 with datasource1)
> I check in query1.OnDataChange values of query2 (query2.keySource =
> datasource1) but the values of query2 are from previous record
> - not scrolled.
> Is there any way to force in OnDataChange scrolling query linked with
> KeySource to the actual position?

Are you talking about the timing of the firing of the OnDataChange event in
relation to the timing of when the linking relationship to the other side of
the KeyLinks relationship?

Perhaps you could send me a sample application showing how it works and tell
me how you want it to work. I'll see if there is something in IBO that I
can adjust to get more ideal timing of events.

Jason Wharton