Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IBO 4.8 Build 5 has been released
Author Jason Wharton
> >One thing to take notice of...
> >I made extensive improvements to the
> >Windows Installer.
> Thanks Jason
> Wow .. Cool .. now you can see the packages being compiled, and
> installed, and thanks Jason, now it is working for D2007.
> I'm also glad to see that you are more committed to IBO, as
> I'm in deep
> with IBO, and don't want to go elsewhere!

Glad you like it!

I can't tell you how good it feels to finally get this installer working!

It's pretty amazing what it does and the time it will save.

I need to put more effort into the uninstaller because much of what I do is
in script rather than what is typical of an installer. For now, what it
does is perform a cleanup of all compiled packages in the process of
installing. So, in short, it does an uninstall prior to installing. The
tool I'm using for the installer (Inno Setup 5.1.8) didn't support doing
anything in script so my hands were tied behind my back. I think there is a
new version that does so at some point I'm going to look into it.

Jason Wharton