Subject RE: [IBO] IBO 4.8 Build 5 has been released
Author Jason Wharton
I also wanted to let everyone know that I have been making extensive
improvements to the community website in the way of customer management. I
am soon to have many capabilities built into this so that things like emails
getting lost won't happen. I'll have a web form that will capture questions
so that if email fails at least it will still get in my database and get an
answer. Customer support is very important and my level of service has been
much less than it should be. Thank goodness for how much Helen helps out
behind the scenes to pick up a lot of the slack.

Another feature I'm adding is the ability to be placed on purchase order
status. This should make it much easier for those who work at companies
with more stringent guidelines for purchasing materials. If this is how
your organization works, please send me a message requesting to have
purchase order status and this will allow you to enter in a purchase order
number and gain immediate access to download sources.

Jason Wharton