Subject RE: [IBO] Bug? TIB_Query.locate - AbortFetching failing
Author Jason Wharton

> See this file "tib_query.locate-cancel_on_fetching_bug.ZIP"
> in the group Files > Bug Testing Applications.
> A readme.txt is included about the usage and the mods
> necessary to use it
> with one of your own databases. You just need a database with
> >20k rows,
> so the data fetching form is appearing and the cancel button
> can be clicked.

I observed a slightly different situation which is more than likely due to
your sample requiring me to use my own database and query. However, I
examined the code for processing of Locate() requests and found that I
needed to include a block of

(do a bunch of fetches while locating...}

around the code that does the fetching.

Having it higher up will be more protective and do more to avoid a failure
to break out of the loop.

What I observed was simple that IBO didn't even go into fetch callback mode
at all.

Anyway, you just caught me at the tail end of getting IBO 4.8.5 out the
door. The little small fix will be included in it.

Jason Wharton