Subject Need help with a non-unique idea
Author Steve Fields
Hi all,

I have this idea on how I can limit how a
user can select from a given list/table of
user information by selecting a starting letter
from another table and linking the two somehow.

What I have is a table that is defined as follows,
USERID Integer, LASTNAME String(30), FIRSTNAME String(20),

I have defined a TIB_Query that runs as so:


This does give me a list of single letters for each
group of people in the list with the same last initials.

My problem is this, of course, how do I link it back
to a second TIB_Query using MasterKey/Mastersource so that
when I scroll through the list of Initials it will cause
the second table to only show the ones in the table with
the matching first query's selected record/initial.

I am doing it this way because we have a large list of
people in the table that need to be selected this way
using a mouse only. I thought this way would weed out the
people generateed with a last initial record only if it
exists. E.G. no record for 'Z' if there is no one in
the file.

Also I am doing this as an exercise in experimenting
with how a user can make selections with the least keyboard
intervention as possible. A lot of my users are computer
anxious but still need to have access the best way they can.

I thought of a row of buttons for the alphabet placing the
clicked on letters in a TIB_IncSearch but this could get
sticky with clearing the search, etc. Also it would let in
the invalid matches of missing initials.

Any ideas?

Steve Fields