Subject Re: IBO 4.8 Beta2 has just been released to all areas.
Author Steve Fields
The install version (4.18b2) won't.

It keeps saying that there is a problem with another
earlier install. I uninstalled, regedt'd, deleted

What is it looking for that was earlier corrupted

Also, unless you have fixed it recently, IB_Sql will not
look at Firebird 2.0 created database's generators. If the
database is created while Interbase is running it will see
them (?) (I had some older databases created while IB 6 was
running and upgraded to FB 2.0 and had created a couple of
new databases. They are the problem. But no hurry fixing it,
IBO still sees them. Just IB_Sql will not)

Steve Fields

--- In, "ibobjects" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> I am releasing the latest version of IBO even though there are a
> couple issues still pestering me that I am working on. I decided
> that since the issues I am working on are in the prior versions that
> I should still release version 4.8 Build 2 (Beta) because there are
> a number of bug fixes in it and there should be no new issues
> introduced. Though I call it Beta status, this release is very
> likely superior to 4.7 in all respects.
> Please see the release notes for all the details of what has been
> fixed.
> Also, I want to apologize for taking so long to get this out. I
> know there are concerns about the future viability of IBO due to the
> neglect the product has suffered over the past 6 months. Please
> know that I respect the life of this product and its critical role
> in your development efforts. If there ever comes a time when I have
> to face reality that other demands are taking too much of my time
> away from the product that I will do everything in my power to give
> it a life of its own before I would let it whither away. Even
> though I use the Trustware Licensing strategy, there is a
> respectable amount of revenue that comes in that will assure its
> future. As long as everyone using IBO is faithful to purchase their
> annual source access subscriptions and the financial statements of
> the product are strong and viable there is no way that the IBO
> product will be anything but strong and viable.
> Please go to and download the new
> version and post any feedback you have concerning it here on this
> list. If your source access subscription has expired, please renew
> it. I could really use the financial assistance right now.
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton