Subject IBO 4.7 AssignWithSearch problem
Author Ngigi Waithaka
Hello everyone,
I am using IB Version 4.7 connecting to a Firebird 2.0 database and i have quite a big problem with AssignWithSearch.
Previously I have been using the IB 4.6 with Firebird 1.5.4. In order to pass the Search Results of a TIBQuery to a TIBOQuery for reporting purposes for tools that only work with TDataset components, we have been using AssignWithSearch which has worked perfectly.
When I upgraded the to IB 4.7 and FB 2.0, the AssignWithSearch does not work anymore between a TIBQuery and TIBOQuery. Apparently any Parameters in the original query are not being assigned across.
As an example if I have a query with parameters as:-
Then when I use AssignWithSearch with this to a TIBOComponent, the Parameters are lost completely.
Is this a bug and is there a workaround that achieves the same result as intended?

Ngigi Waithaka
Alliance Technologies.

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