Subject dlgCancelQuery and CallBackInc
Author Alan McDonald
Can you tell me something more about the callback dialog which pops up
I see previous mesages on this subject and your terse reply
"CallbackInc being set to -1 is what disables that, not MaxInt"

Can you answer the following questions\correct my assumptions please:
1. When this dialog appears, it is due to a long running background thread
trying to retrieve record PKs for the query.
2. It never appears on my local 6 node network but appears frequently on my
client's +100node LAN but only after the server has been running for about 3
weeks without reboot. Any clues as to why this is apparent?
3. I thought the process running this dialog was a background thread - why
is it needed at all (by default)? When it appears (popsup), all user
activity must stop and wait. If you cancel the dialog, there are numerous
ugly outcomes as a result of preventing IBO receiving all the PKs. (i.e.
application behaviour is abnormal if you you cancel this dialog).
4. If I change all my queries to CallBackInc=-1 will this stop the dialog
appearing but let the background thread continue doing it's important job,
i.e. retrieving the PKs?
5. Any other heplful comments?

Alan McDonald