Subject Stuck: Delphi 2007 Pro and no IBO
Author Peter Welch

Vista 64
Delphi 2007 Professional (with or without SP1)
Need to connect to Firebird 2.x 64bit on Linux 64
No other Delphi or IBO installed. No compiled IBO files


Run the install. All goes well. Reports that "Setup has finished
installing IB Objects on your computer..." However, the installer did
not present me with any Delphi selection options.

Open Delphi. No IBObjects to select in Install Packages. Unable to
add because no BPL files can be located. There are some PBL files but
no IB?.BPL files anywhere - even after an exhaustive search of system
and index files on all hard drives.


I am confused about what IBO47Eval is. The download page specifically
references D2007 support. I see the remedy of using Delphi 2006 IBO
and recompiling it. I have IBO for Delphi 2005. Since I need Firebird
2.x support, I presume I need IBO 4.7 Eval.

I sent an email or two to Jason but no reply.