Subject RE: [IBO] Update to FB2 with old IBO-Components
Author Roger Vellacott
The way the KeyLinks and KeyRelation properties are set up is also

Pre FB2 key links were in the form "TableName.FieldName". If an alias
is used in the query, this will no longer work, and needs to be changed

The KeyRelation property (if you use it) must also be changed to the

Sadly, once you have changed these properties, your app will no longer
work with FB1.5x.

Roger Vellacott
Passfield Data Systems Ltd

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Update to FB2 with old IBO-Components

> Hi,
> in order to solve a problem, we have to update from Firebird 1.53 to
> 2.01.
> For this purpose we don't use any new Firebird 2 features.
> The problem is, that our framework (Delphi 7) still uses IBO43Aa (only
> IBO TDataset compatible components).
> Are we going to run into some issues?
> Comments would be welcomed?
> Thanks,
> Josef

there may be some of your queries which are lacking aliases or otherwise
ambiguous where Fb1.53 would not object, FB2 will object.
if you have any after triggers which try to assign values to new.fields,
that will throw an exception since they are now read-only (they did
before anyway but since they were benign you may never have known they
otherwise there should be little to concern you.
Bottom line: test all of the app thoroughly :-)