Subject Help ! Problem with upgrading.
Author Lester Caine
I'll post this anyway as someone may have a similar problem :)
I was writing it has a basis for working how to fix the problem, which I have
fixed, AND now know what was wrong :)

BCB6 IBO4.7.16 FB2

I've converted a number of the simpler modules to FB2 without problems, and
the first main module has converted fine, so I think I have everything
installed OK, but the key program is giving me grief.

The connection was made, and data is accessed to give me the number of the
office, which is then used as a Param in an IB_DSQL to pull up the site data
such as name. This works fine in the previous program, but this time I am
getting an EAccessViolation when leaving TIB_Statement.CheckTransaction

If I hard code that query, the problem moved to the next
Office->ParamByName("OFFICE")->AsInteger = OfficeNo;

The program compiles and runs with IBO4.2 and all I think I have changed
between compiles is IBO into FB2 - the rest of the code is unchanged :(

At this point I went back to original code, checked it compiled, ran BC
against the new copy and checked what had been changed. Most of the bits were
things I had moded trying to debug, but I switched back to a clean old copy,
changed the directories ( IBO4.2 is still accessible and I have a 4.2 and 4.7
version of the bpl's and the rest ) and started again. It compiles without
problems! Slowly worked through every change copying it to the clean copy
until file wise they matched. Still it would not run on the first copy.

CRACKED IT - wiped the inter directory and rebuilt and the problem has gone.
So in future I'll do that BEFORE starting an update ;)

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