Subject Trustware for Jason
Author Virtual Memoryvirtual
Good morning Jason

There are days behind solicited one copies of their components in the
modality Trustware and didn't receive no your answer

I am going to try to pass my situation.

I received the some two years a version when he would go converting my
BDE's application for native access put didn't at that time manage to do
the conversion that this happening only now.

I am converting with the version that have (this Already almost ready)
put I noticed a problem that reading releases was going detected like
mistake and already corrected that is the following:

in select with a double key the system didn't find the former field:

(descricao || codigo) the key

the key field wasn't identified by the systems.

It would like if possivel the update of your product to finish my
conversion and as soon as I have causing any effect will do the
components purchase by's site that is the portal that am
taxpaying and make my purchases.

Rely on your compreenção and collaboration

A great hug

Virtual Memory Developers of System
Flavio Macedo