Subject Re: [IBO] Connect bug when setting DatabaseName property
Author Martijn Tonies
> In previous releases, setting "DatabaseName" with a full connect-string
> also set the server and protocol. I was debugging my application and
> it kept my protocol to "cpLocal" when using the following connect string:
> martijn-ws/3055:e:\data\helis.fdb
> During runtime, it was able to access the database, for some reason,
> but not when debugging.
> Got a clue?

I found more --

I'm now using the .Database property, as I recalled that was the way to go.

Protocol is set to TCP/IP (in Params) by the SetDatabase property setter.

Next, if I ask for the protocol, I'm getting cpLocal back. Params holds

Is this the debugger messing up on me??

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