Subject Jason Wharton seven years ago =:-) (in-memory)
Author Carlos GarcĂ­a Trujillo
I've found this message form Jason Wharton talking about the plans
for the 4.0 version of IBO:
on Wed Dec 6, 2000 2:32 am

Jason Wharton wrote:

>>If you want an in-memory table the easiest way to implement it
be to >do
something like this: >Use a TIB_Query and specify a special code in
the SQL
property to signify >that an in-memory table was desired. Then, what
it would
do is allow you to >insert your records, etc. >With a little bit of
work I think I could pull it off.

Is this available in the current version??? could we get a in-memory
tablewith the 4.7.17 version of IBO???

>>I already have the capability built into IBO to fake a prepared
>without having to actually prepare it.
>How does this sound?

Sounds Great!!! how can a fake the prepare in the current version???
That will save me a lot of time... and is something i was looking for
since a lot of time

>>I have also been thinking of doing a cached table where my dataset
is able to
>load and unload a dataset to a local file.

This would be great too!!! can a save the result set to a local

>>I also want to build in client-side
>sorting of data.

Magnificent!!... one thing that i like a lot of FIBPlus is the local-
sorting... how was this sorting made in IBO??? how can i sort a query
without have to re-fetch the query???

Thanx in advance... this message sounds great, and from almost seven
years ago, so much of this work must be done... i think