Subject Re: [IBO] Using Server and Client versions
Author Antti Kurenniemi
From: "clementdoss" <cdoss@...>
> It took me a long time to discover that he has 3 different
> softwares running 3 different version of Interbase/Firebird.
> There's a Interbase 6 Open Source, a Firebird 1.0, a
> Firebird 1.02 (or 1.03), 1.5.2 (my software). There's a
> LOT of gds32.dll. I solved the problem replacing all the
> gds32.dll with the latest. It seems to work as the phone
> hasn't rang .. yet! :-)

No don't do that - you may break the other apps if they depend on some
specific version. I'd be rather p*ssed if I installed software that did
something like that.

There's a much simpler way: supply the fbclient.dll (or gd32.dll if you
want, same thing) with your app, and place it in the same directory as your
application executable. IBO looks for it there first, so you have complete
and exact control over which version is used. Not only that, but no other
application can ever override your client dll, which is what your approach
would do.

As to the multiple servers problem, that's a different problem. I noticed
the same thing, that some apps install FB *server* on my machine, which is
pretty stupid because they could just use the embedded version and there
would be no problems at all. So now I have x number of servers running on my
machine, doing absolutely nothing (I don't use *all* my programs *all* the
time) but using up memory.

So if your app is a client-app, used by one user at a time, always, always
use the embedded firebird. If it's a server installation, well, then I think
it calls for manual checkup anyway.

Antti Kurenniemi