Subject Using Server and Client versions
Author clementdoss
I just had a bad experience installing my new software in the customer
It took me a long time to discover that he has 3 different softwares
running 3 different version of Interbase/Firebird.
There's a Interbase 6 Open Source, a Firebird 1.0, a Firebird 1.02 (or
1.03), 1.5.2 (my software). There's a LOT of gds32.dll. I solved the
problem replacing all the gds32.dll with the latest. It seems to work
as the phone hasn't rang .. yet! :-)

I would like to develop a routine in my application that would notify
the user (or myself) that the "client dll version" is older or
incompatible with the installed server.

Is there a way to get the "server version" using IBO API or component?.

I found that calling IB_Connection1.Characteristics.dbFBVersion
returns 'WI-V1.5.2.4731 Firebird 1.5' which I suppose is the client
version used.
How can I get the server version? (or vice-versa, if this is the
server version, how can I get the client version? :-D)