Subject Re: [IBO] How's the final Firebird 2 fixes going?
Author Stefan Heymann

> Character set related changes are still in flux. I am trying to
> decide between having an event on the connection that handles this
> [...]

What do you mean with "this"? When I define a client connection
character set, Firebird 2 does all the translations from the database
character set.

When working with a UTF8 database, I either want to get UTF-8 strings
from IBO or WideStrings.

> [...] or to try and just automate it all at the TIB_Column level and
> allow for individual override capability at the TIB_Column level.
> Part of my trouble is I'm not quite sure how to handle all the
> character sets and so it's a little bit like flying blind.

Could you explain what you mean with "handle all the character sets",
please? I will try to assist with that.

> I would greatly appreciate all those who use alternative character
> sets to put forward how they would like to see IBO implement
> additional character set support.

What do you mean with "additional" character sets? Character sets that
are not built into Firebird?

Best Regards