Subject Re: [IBO] How's the final Firebird 2 fixes going?
Author Martijn Tonies

> > How's IBO doing with regard to the final issues for Firebird 2 and
> > characterset related issues?
> I'm still inside the parser getting a few issues worked out. No major
> changes have been needed thus far to the parsing code so I don't
> any destabilization. But to be sure I am continuing to beef up my QA test
> suite to raise the bar on insuring there is no destabilization from
> to release.

Here's another parser failure --

In a TIB_Cursor, with ParamCheck = False, this fails:

create or alter procedure ZZZ (ADoorID integer)
declare variable ProjectID integer;
select ProjectID
from Doors
where DoorID = :ADoorID
into :ProjectID;

select ProjectID
from Doors
where DoorID = ADoorID
into :ProjectID;

It fails the " function IsTriggerOrProcedureDDL( const SQL: string ):
boolean; " check.

> Character set related changes are still in flux. I am trying to decide
> between having an event on the connection that handles this or to try and
> just automate it all at the TIB_Column level and allow for individual
> override capability at the TIB_Column level. Part of my trouble is I'm
> quite sure how to handle all the character sets and so it's a little bit
> like flying blind.

It kinda depends on if YOU want to support it, or provide a way for
people to hook into it.

Perhaps you could do UTF8 natively AND provide a way to override
and hook into it.

> I would greatly appreciate all those who use alternative character sets to
> put forward how they would like to see IBO implement additional character
> set support.
> I have a sample app from Martijn that is helpful but if possible I'd like
> see some additional use case scenarios to draw insights from.

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