Subject RE: [IBO] Fastest Way to locate
Author Jason Wharton
Use the OrderingItems and OrderingLinks in such a way that you turn on the
POS attribute of OrderingLinks and then you will virtualize your buffer in
such a way that it will skip around inside the query's records based on
internally managed parameterized queries. Do a search in the archives for
horizontal dataset refinement and you may find more helpful information.


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> Subject: [IBO] Fastest Way to locate
> What's the fastest way to open a query and locate a record
> for display in an
> IB_Grid?
> If I just open the query (with AutoFetchAll=False,
> FetchWholeRows=False)
> this seems to be the most efficient.
> But if I then locate, of course I need to browse through a
> lot of records to
> find my match.
> I'm just wondering if there is a more efficient way to
> opening the query on
> the initial record I need to locate and still fill the grid
> with a minimum
> of leading and trailing records (i.e. grid buffer only)
> regards
> Alan McDonald