Subject Re: [IBO] bookmark
Author Woody
From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>
> Look, Wolfgang, that's a valid scenario for looping through a
> selection, no argument with it whatsoever. For what you describe, it
> is an ideal solution.
> That is totally different from what was described, which was to loop
> through the entire set and perform DML operations on a per-record basis.

Not quite. The OP specifically said there are times when there might be all
or some of the records selected. They only wanted to know the correct way to
select all if all records were needed. I have included part of the post

I have a list of products for us to be updated the stock (I balance), that
it is done partially, and the user sometimes needs to only update an or
other product and in other times all.

Today he needs to mark all the items indivualmente and with this clue that
you passed me I can mark all of only one time...did you understand?

Admittedly, if, and only if, the user wanted all recods processed, it would
be easy enough to just use the WHERE clause of the original query to process
the records, but if even one of the records is NOT selected, then only a
loop will suffice. That tells me that it doesn't make sense to create a
separate process for all records versus the subset, IMHO.

Woody (TMW)