Subject Re: [IBO] bookmark
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:55 AM 17/05/2007, Wolfgang wrote:
>On Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2007, Helen Borrie wrote:
> > But "Select All" makes it so that the operation you describe would be
> > performed on the client. That is very desktop database (slow, noisy)
> > and not client/server-like at all.
>The question really is what will be done with the bookmarked records.
>In my application, "Select All" selects up to about 200 records.
>For each of them the client has to do lots of OLE calls to the general
>ledger, generate reports (having up to 150 pages), generate mails with
>up to 5 attachments each, fax reports, export data to dbf, produce PDF
>files and put them on a web server - you name it. For some records it
>does all of this.
>This might easily take several seconds of client side processing outside
>of the database - per record! And since all this is normally done by
>just one user, it would not help to do more of that on the server. The
>other users mostly enter the data into the database, much of it manually,
>and they want a fast server.
>Here it is very helpful for the user if he can specify exactly which
>records he wants to process.

Look, Wolfgang, that's a valid scenario for looping through a
selection, no argument with it whatsoever. For what you describe, it
is an ideal solution.

That is totally different from what was described, which was to loop
through the entire set and perform DML operations on a per-record basis.