Subject IBObjects v 4.7 + FireBird 1.5.3 (4870), many connections to the database
Author julex_bg
I have a Intraweb Application and it was using BDE before I heared of
IBObjects - congratualtions on these great componenets. So,I switched
and changed also my TIBODatabase with TIB_Connection and
TIB_Transaction. My application is multi-user, and the old behaviour
was all the users to share one connection to the database (Firebird
Properties showed 1 attachment to 1 database). Now I see something
different. The count of users connected to the app is the same as the
attachments of the database. Everything is working just fine, but is
this the behaviour of IBObjects, or I missed to setup a property?

Alexandrina Gancheva

P.S. IBObjects 4.7, Intraweb version 8.0.22, FireBird 1.5.3 (build
4870),using Turbo Delphi (BDS 2006 UP2)