Subject RE: [IBO] Ibo replication
Author Jason Wharton
Ok, that's easy, look in the root IBO directory for a project IB_RPL.dpr and
compile it.


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> Hi Jason,
> I am trying to investigate how the IB_RPL_Meta and
> IB_RPL_Sync works. I am
> reading the IB Objects Simple Replication Module help file,
> but it makes
> extensive use of a program called "IterBase Simple Replication Setup
> Utility" which I am not able to find anywhere.
> We have a central DB which is configured by an SDA with all the data
> required by diff applications. The individual applications
> when started on
> client machines, will connect to the central DB. At this
> stage I will like
> to force the central DB to push a Synchronization of its data
> with that of
> the Client DB, so that the client has a copy of the latest
> stuff (as the
> client has Read Only permissions on his DB).
> Thank you
> Daniel