Subject RE: [IBO] How do I install into Delphi 2007 - Win 32?
Author Adrian Wreyford
OK. I got it right.

I renamed all the D2006 projects, packages to D2007.

I compiled all the runtime, and designtime packages, and changed their
dependancies to D2007, ie source changed to reflect correct version.

It installs very nicely in Codegear Delphi 2007.

I have sent an email to Jason, and I he wants the D2007 full source folder,
I will send it to him for those who don't want to spend all the time it has
taken me!


Adrian Wreyford


Is there an installer for Delphi 2007 yet?

If not, any pointers about how I should go about it.

I see Marco got it right somehow. I'm getting my copy of 2007 next week, and
I got it installed in the Trial version in the meantime. At least I thought
so, only to find that many components are missing eg IB_Searchbar.



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