Subject Beginers help for [IBO] GDS32.dll vs. FBClient.DLL
Author jackmills75
I downloaded the latest eval version of IBObjects, I had a previous
version installed that I removed from C++ Builder, I installed the
latest version without any real problems. (Very nice since it now
does everything itself)
I renamed GDS32.ll in the system32 folder.

When I run an existng project I get a message saying can't connect to
GDS32.dll. then IBSession pops up etc. (if I put GDS32.dll back in
system32 I can connect).

I created a new project & added the same TIB_Database component using
the same code to specify the path, username & password (without
gds32.dll in system32) & it connects OK.

The project Directories/Conditionals look to be the same for the IBO
I removed the component from the original project & put a new one
back, still the same problem.

What have I failed to do?

Using C++ Builder 6, Firebird 1.5.4 & latest IBO

Thanks for any help