Subject Re: [IBO] IB_CheckBox
Author Lucas Franzen
Thomas Steinmaurer schrieb:
>> Does anyone here knows how to use it ? How do I set the value I want
>> to be written on the table ?
> I'm doing this with a TIB_Query by double-clicking the component, then
> go to the ColumnAttributes tab, select your "boolean" field, tick the
> BOOLEAN checkbox on the right and enter the values for True and False.

Additionally, if you use a Boolean domain you can declare this at
(TIB_)Connection level by setting:

FieldEntryTypes.fetDomainNames to TRUE
adding the boolean domain in the ColumnAttributesProperty like
T_BOOL=BOOLEAN=T,F /* or whatever your values are */

This enables you to work with IB_Checkboxes automatically without any
further settings (but the FieldName).