Subject Re: [IBO] IB_CheckBox
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:23 AM 23/03/2007, you wrote:
> Does anyone here knows how to use it ? How do I set the value I want
>to be written on the table ?

You set the ColumnAttribute for BOOLEAN in the dataset and provide
the True and False values.

In code you would do:

(substituting whatever values your DB expects for true and false).

You can also do it at design-time in the ColumnAttributes property,
one line in the stringlist, MyField=BOOLEAN=T,F or you can do it in
the Fields Editor on the ColumnAttributes tab.

You can alternatively do it on your IB_Connection's ColumnAttributes
property, e.g. MyDataset.MyField=BOOLEAN=T,F

If you are using a domain (e.g. D_Boolean) for your Boolean, you can
include fetDomainName in the FieldEntryTypes set. In that case, the
ColumnAttributes entry on the IB_Connection would be

and then all fields in all tables using that domain will behave
properly as Booleans and store the correct values.