Subject Same errors in 4.7.16 as in 4.6, with searching and filtering
Author Antti Kurenniemi
Hello Jason,

I've tested the 4.7.16 build, and have the same errors in searching and
filtering as I did with 4.6: Searching does not work very well at all using
IncSearchEdit, and setting a filter with a subquery in it results in a
filter string with commas between each and every word, which obviously

I have a sample app that I can upload if you need one?

Also, I couldn't install from the raw sources, there was an error about some
function entry point not found, but unfortunately I didn't write it down (my
fingers are faster than my brain it seems ;-). The installer worked fine,
but I'd need to translate some strings in the consts file, so I have to use
the raw source method. Is this a known problem, or do you want me to test
this again and get the exact error for you?

Antti Kurenniemi