Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Connection does not use Local Conection ?
Author hamacker
Hi again,

Server:='' or Server:='localhost' does not run, if Protocol:=cpLocal.

And Yes, I really know that my Firebird is a SS (

To me, is like cpLocal was dropped and anyone know that.

I agree to Ramil, is more sense that use cpLocal was dropped in
fbclient.dllor use only if embeded version.

dont worry, I can use tcp instead cpLocal. Only I would like to know, why
cpLocal does not run like before.

Thanks a lot for all.

Brazil, Sao Paulo

2007/12/11, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>:
> At 10:30 AM 11/12/2007, you wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Server:='localhost';
> >Protocol:=cpLocal;
> This is wrong. If you want to use cpLocal then Server must be nil. The
> localhost server and cpLocal are NOT COMPATIBLE.
> If you enter a server name then the IB_Connection will ignore cpLocal and
> construct a TCP/IP connection string.
> >in IB_Connection1 does not open connection, raise "unavaliable database".
> >But in IBO 4.3a runs OK with the same version of Firebird (lastest 1.5)
> >SuperServer (threads).
> IBO 4.3a is very old.
> >if change to use TCP/IP then runs fine.
> Of course it does. Firebird is designed to run on a network protocol.
> >It s important to me, because cpLocal transferences so fast than use
> >loopback.
> That should not be the case, normally.
> Please DOUBLE-CHECK that it is Superserver you are running, not Classic.
> If you are certain, then please report back.
> The reason I am interested is that I noted that, from possibly IBO 4.6onward, I was also unable to use an IPServer connection from any IBO
> application (IB_SQL + any applications of my own) with v.1.5.xSuperserver. IPServer works fine with the command-line apps and FlameRobin,
> but just not with any IBO apps.
> I reported the problem to Jason, who replied that he had done nothing to
> change IBO's connection behaviour.
> Then, last week, in the process of migrating my main development system to
> a new box (but still using Win2K and almost identical hardware), I did a
> completely fresh install of Delphi, IBO and Firebird 1.5.5. IPServer works
> properly with IBO and IB_SQL on the new box. It still doesn't work properly
> on the old box.
> So - if this is another case of a similar problem, it could merit further
> investigation. I wonder whether anyone else has observed it...?
> Helen

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