Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Connection does not use Local Conection ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:23 PM 11/12/2007, Ramil wrote:
>IBO 4.8.7 by default uses fbclient.dll library.
>IBO 4.3a uses gds32.dll
>It is the basic difference for your subject.
>See Firebird_2\doc\README.incompatibilities.txt quotation:
> * The new client library is not compatible with the older server (and vice
> versa) in regard to the local protocol, as the transport internals has been
> reimplemented (XNET instead of IPServer). If you need to use the local
> protocol, please ensure your server and client binaries are of the same
> version.
>Check up conformity of client library and a database server.

Ramil, this only applies to Firebird 2. He is running 1.5.

>Or, if you want to have identical behaviour of old and new version
>of your application, specify gds32.dll in IBO sources instead
>of fbclient.dll.
>(find IBO_FBCLIENT_DLL constant in IB_Constants.INC or IB_Session.pas)

Again, this is not an issue if he is using both the Fb 1.5 server and the Fb 1.5 client. To reiterate, the IPServer in Fb 1.5 is the same old IPServer that was implemented in InterBase. The XNET implementation does not arrive until Fb 2.