Subject RE: [IBO] Ttable or SQL component
Author Alan McDonald
> Ive got a table with 100,000 records, and 300 fields.
> Ive got a very simple read only app, that loops from the top
> down, looking doing some price analysis on the 300 price
> fields, and skips to the next record.
> Im using the TTable type component right now. Would it be
> better/faster to use a SQL component?

When you say Ttable
Are you referring to IBOTable?
I assume so.
I seem to remember Jason saying that the IBOTable still uses buffering and
loads only the required rows as necessary.
But I would still not use this method if I could for your task.
If this task is unidirectional as you seem to suggest, I would use a
IB_Cursor. You prepare it and go First;
Then loop with Next. When you get to the end you close;
If you need bi-directional movement then use IB_Query. Open with fetch first
True, then loop and close with backward movement where necessary.
I would also look at writing an SP to do this task which completely avoids
bringing the records back to the client.