Subject RE: [IBO] Transfer a large database 2GB to FB using IB_Query. Memory growing up a lot.
Author Jason Wharton
> I need to transfer database clients in MSSQL to FB2 database.
> I create a simple application that read one record from MSSQL and
> using IB_Query (insert...values) transfer to FB2. ex:
> IB_Query1.SQL.Add('INSERT INTO TABLE(...) VALUES(...)')
> IB_Query1.ExecSQL;
> IB_Query1.IB_Transaction.Commit;
> But something is wrong, when start the memory of server (localhost) is
> 240M, after 10 min then 340M, after 45 min 1GB of RAM and growing up.
> How can I fix this ?
> I migrate from IBX last month to IBO, and I use IB_* suite.
> I using delphi 6 + IBO4.

Instead of adding to the SQL just call the ExecuteDML() method and pass in
the INSERT statement. Use NIL as the parameter for the second parameter of
that method.

It would be much better if you used a TIB_DSQL component, put in the insert
statement with input parameters and then prepared that statement and set the
input parameter values and executed for each record.

Jason Wharton