Subject Re: [IBO] Transfer a large database 2GB to FB using IB_Query. Memory growing up a lot.
Author Martijn Tonies

> I need to transfer database clients in MSSQL to FB2 database.
> I create a simple application that read one record from MSSQL and
> using IB_Query (insert...values) transfer to FB2. ex:
> IB_Query1.SQL.Add('INSERT INTO TABLE(...) VALUES(...)')
> IB_Query1.ExecSQL;
> IB_Query1.IB_Transaction.Commit;
> But something is wrong, when start the memory of server (localhost) is
> 240M, after 10 min then 340M, after 45 min 1GB of RAM and growing up.
> How can I fix this ?
> I migrate from IBX last month to IBO, and I use IB_* suite.

Use the non-buffered TIB_Cursor.

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