Subject Re: [IBO] Update and IB_DSQL what am I doing wrong?
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks, Helen and Jason:

It just doesn't work. I'm pretty sure there's something very basic going
on that is the problem.

1. For ExecuteDML() there's a second parameter of type PXSQLDA which I
have no idea how to get.
2. Although, I like the elegance of both approaches, they are
essentially a variation of what I'm doing.

There is no issue of speed of execution. This is a desktop application.
The user clicks on a tree node and selects a popup menu item which then
does the Update of the table. That table is used to create a drop down
list for a Tool Button. Its likely that a user will access this code a
few times at one program session, then may not touch it again for some
time. (days, weeks or months)

More details:
1. I'm using IBO 4.2Ie
2. Delphi 7
3. Using a component, IB_DSQL which I use for a number of such DSQL
applications. (thus the dsql_AnyUse moniker)

4. I use this method through out my program and often Commit, just
doesn't; and then I find that only UpdateRecord works to make the Update
"stick" in the table. I never figured out why that is. In this case,
neither work.

5. For this instance, each time I run this routine it Updates, but any
previous (i.e. in same connection session) Update is gone. Its acting
like there is no Commit. Thus I can only make one update, and its the
last one I try, per session.

6. If I close the program down and reopen it, I can update a second time
which continues to exist after I close down again and update the table a
3rd time. Although a work around, it does seem a wee bit tedious to have
to close and open the entire program just to commit an update.

7. For the heck of it, I used an IB_Query component with SELECT, then
EDIT, and POST sequence. It did the same thing as the DSQL Update. Only
the last change is kept.

So where do I start? What do I look for. I'm not sure but it doesn't
seem like a IB_DSQL or IB_QUERY problem.

Thanks, again,

Chuck Belanger