Subject RE: [IBO] Update and IB_DSQL what am I doing wrong?
Author Jason Wharton
> with ModData.dsql_AnyUse do
> begin
> SQL.Clear;
> Params.ClearBuffers(rsNone);
> SQl.Add('UPDATE Filters SET Filter_in_ToolBar = 1 ');
> SQL.Add('WHERE Filter_ID = :filterid');
> Prepare;
> ParamByName('FilterID').AsInteger := NodeData.ID;
> Execute;
> //UpdateRecord;
> IB_Transaction.Commit;
> end;

Try using the ExecuteDML() method and just send it the raw statement without
parameters and it will execute much faster.

If this is something you do frequently then you can keep a prepared dsql
statement ready and waiting to just plug in the input parameter and execute
it as Helen showed you.