Subject RE: [IBO] TIBOTable Weirdness
Author Jason Wharton

> We have an application that is using TIBOTable (for legacy
> reasons) that
> has recently started to fail. We increased the size of a
> field to 3072
> characters (varChar) from about 70. Now when this field is accessed
> using Table.AsString instead of returning an empty string
> (when NULL) is
> returns 8222 empty spaces. Table.IsNull returns true. It is
> relatively
> easy to fix the code (just use an isNUll test). However it
> seems their
> might be some bug with the code if the functionality changes with
> increased field sizes.
> We are using IBO v 4.8.6

If the column is still type CHAR then this is expected behavior.

Likely what is happening is the field type is now TMemoField instead of
TStringField and the field trimming rules are not being applied.