Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird 2.0: Bug when re-using a TIBOQuery component

> I haven't gotten a reply about this, did you get my e-mails
> about this?
> I send you a test project ( 3 times now! ) without a response
> whatsoever.
> The first one was sent in September.

I went through your test project and gave feedback some time ago and I have
not seen any answers yet. It's been a while so if you have anything that
was apparently missed just re-raise it here. Perhaps you can upload it to
the bugs folder.

Please review your issue and make sure that it is sufficiently clear,
detailed and easily repeatable to insure maximum attention. And, if you
like, I will give you a fresh new private email address just for you, so
that we can be assured my SPAM filter won't grab it. I receive too many
spam emails these days to check what is filtered out like I used to.