Subject Re: [IBO] huge performance problems
Author Helmut Steinberger
There are no not in (a, b, c) selections in my queries.

The only changes to the queries I have made are those to get FB2.0
accepting the syntax.
In some queries, there where no changes necessary, but there are
performance problems too.

I do not think it is a query problem. The ib_monitor shows no
problems within the queries. Most of them are within 0.015 seconds or
The only one that last long, when executed the first time are stored
procedures. When they are executetd the second time, they are fast. I
think this could be a caching issue.
For example a 'selec result from mystoredprocedure' lasts 2.5 seconds
when called the first time, but 0.015 seconds the second time.

--- In, Hans <hhoogstraat@...> wrote:
> Make sure you don't have any 'not in (a,b,c)' selections