Subject huge performance problems
Author Helmut Steinberger

after I changed from FB 1.5 to FB 2.0 I also had to change to the
latest release if IBO (4.8.6).
After that, I have huge performance problems, and I do not know how
to locate them.

I used the tib_monitor to find out, if any queries are slow because
they use bad indexes, but there aren't.

Is there anything new in IBO, that could cause performance problems?

I did not change anything else in my application and in the database,
except some fixings of things, that cause FB2.0 to bring errors as
the useage of aliases, etc.

The all over performance of my application (the parts using database
access) has decreased dramatically since I use FB2.0 with IBO 4.8.6
Some parts last 3 times as long as before.

Any suggestions where I could look for the reason for my problems?

Are there any changes of default settings, that I have to be aware of?

Kind regards