Subject IB_LookupCombo
Author Shanil Misra
Hi, I've setup an IB_LookupCombo (Firebird 2 / Delphi 2006) and the
keylinks and gridlinks all work fine. My gridlinks show two fields
from the child table and when I click on the combo, they show in the
popup list and the dataset edits fine and changes. However, the two
fields don't show when the IB_LookupCombo is displayed on the form -
only the first field shows. How can I get them to show all the time?

Also, another related question, is it possible to set up gridlinks
with two different tables with the columns in a foreign key
relationship? I want both fields to show in the popup, as well as the
display as above.

Thank you
(I am actually not new to Delphi, but new to Firebird and IB
components. I have been using oracle for years but firebird is great!)