Subject IB_LookupCombo
Author zolitorok

I would like to use the IB_LookupCombo.
I open the related dataset => The cursor
is on the first record.
And the IB_LookupCombo also show the first record,
but I would like empty Text in the IB_LookupCombo.
I can say IB_LookupCombo.Clear after open, but in
this case there is an unexpected thing:
I start to write a text into IB_LookupCombo,
and the incremental search function does not work
for the first record, but the with the other
records work!!
Why ?
I would like to use it on this way:

1. Open dataset
2. There is no text in the IB_LookupCombo
3. I can use the search function for all records

How can I use it on the desired way?
Or with other IB_.. components?

Thanks any answer,
Zoltan Torok