Subject RE: [IBO] UTF-8 handling
Author Jason Wharton

> did you already decide how you want to do it?
> As you changed the AsString behaviour of UTF8 connections, my
> application is broken and I would need to go back to an older IBO
> version (which is difficult because for other applications I'd like to
> have the current one).
> What can I do? Do you know when there will be a solution?

I wouldn't go back to an earlier version if I were you.
You can tweak the code so that it won't transliterate.
Find the one line of code where it sets the internal boolean that determines
whether it will transliterate or not and hard code it to false and then
rebuild your packages.

When I make the next release I will have a solution for you. I am not yet
decided on how I will address this. I'm looking more into how Delphi
handles non-ansi strings.